By providing a hub, Nyisztor Studio supports associated artists, mid career professionals based in Western Australia who share enthusiasm to exhibit in a non-commercial space. Nyisztor Studio also provides a flexible opportunity to emerging and fringe artists.

Nyisztor Nyisztor Ron Nyisztor
Clear links in the diverse approaches and techniques used throughout Ron's career are apparent. Through consistent practice underlying themes and the particular use of relatively unassuming subject matter the work attains a compelling intrigue; it communicates a strong sense of the metaphysical expressed through unlikely and extra ordinary means.
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Richards   Richards   Trevor Richards
Trevor Richards lives and works in Fremantle, Western Australia. His practice over the past thirty years has encompassed painting, sculpture, video, photography and installation. In the past decade he has shown work extensively in Europe.
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de la Hunty   de la Hunty  

Moira de la Hunty
I am interested in the portrayal of human experience - life, death, hope and despair. I like to consider our place in time, and the ways that we cope with daily life.
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Lipscombe   Lipscombe  

Andre Lipscombe
Andre Lipscombe is a visual artist based in Fremantle and whose practice is centred upon the exploration of painting, drawing, collage and print media including photography. He has exhibited nationally and overseas and is represented in numerous private and public collections in Western Australia.
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Doherty   Doherty   Michael Doherty
Michael engages with the psychological or 'mysterious moment'. In attempting this he frequently reference 'Popular Culture'. He has long admired the Actors and Directors of New York's, Actors Studio. In his painting he has attempted 'The Actors Studios' Method technique' to dig deep for emotions from personal life events, to enhance his work.
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    Lee Harrop
Lee Harrop is a practicing artist living in Kalgoorlie. Her artwork is predominantly text-based and non-medium specific. It is mostly site-based or context specific.
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    Alan Muller
Alan Muller is a Western Australian born Artist whose intricately detailed works depict oblique aerial views of the City of Perth, re-imagined as the Aboriginal (Noongar) landscape before English settlement in 1829.
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    Pablo Hughes
Pablo Hughes was born in Dublin and lived most of his life in Perth and Madrid. He is a digital photographer, artist and art installer. His work focuses on wanting to expose the beauty of imperfection through the forgotten and frayed edges of the action, the simplicity of the commonplace and decaying urban environments. More information on Pablo Hughes
    Rob Cleworth
Rob Cleworth first began exhibiting with
Legge Gallery, Sydney, in 1992. As an Anne & Gordon Samstag International Visual Arts scholar, Cleworth undertook postgraduate study at the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland, in 1993 and has since shown in numerous
solo and group shows in Australia.
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Rogers   Rogers   Judy Rogers
Painter and sculptor Judy Rogers was born in Hungary and moved to Perth in 1995. Rogers has gained the attention of art award judges and fellow artists as well as audiences for her classical treatment and meticulous technical execution of contemporary portraits and figurative work. Her works are insightful, refreshingly tender and personal.
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Kirkland   Kirkland   Beth Kirkland
Shape, colour, marks and paint interest me in and of themselves. My commitment to abstraction arises from the challenge presented by these elements and in their myriad combinations.My work evolves intuitively during its making, each layer, element or mark presenting many options that influence the next step taken.
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    Brad Coleman
Brad Coleman is an artist, musician and digital creative. His work spans electronic art, painting, sound art, photographic and digital design. His varied background in the arts informs his paintings, seen in his fluid style and lyrical use of colour.
    Amanda Alderson
Amanda Alderson draws inspiration from her personal taxonomy of items that retain and hold memories for her. Together, her works and collections form an autobiographical insight into her life, a cabinet of curiosities.
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Webster   Webster   Daniel Webster
Daniel Webster is a semi-abstract / abstract painter recently exploring the combination (morphing) of paint and photography.



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