Amanda Alderson : Helena Bogucki : Annette Davis : Moira Doropoulos : Susan Flavell : Lee Harrop with Perdita Phillips and Vivienne Glance : Catherine Higham : Eden Lennox : Bethamy Linton : Trish Little : Megan Kirwan-Ward : Leonie Ngahuia Mansbridge : Annemieke Mulders : Belinda Newick : Shereen Ricupero : Anna Sabadini : Jenny Scott : Michelle Slarke : Tania Spencer : Louise Tasker

Petri Chor Performance and closing event: 6pm Sunday 3 October
Lee Harrop with Perdita Phillips and Vivienne Glance, supported by the Art Collective WA

Petri Chor, is a collaboration by Lee Harrop, Perdita Phillips and Vivienne Glance. This gently choreographed performance involves artifacts, projected images and recited ekphrastic poems that move to crescendo



Exhibition: 18 September - 3 October 2021
Opening event: 5pm Saturday 18 September

Maelstrom investigates undercurrents of societal turmoil and confusion. Contemporary artists, utilising craft and sculptural form as key elements of their practise, explore a rich tapestry of concepts in this group exhibition at Nyisztor Studio.

Curated by Amanda Alderson, in the midst of global uncertainty, Maelstrom embraces an underlying disquiet. Showcasing a collection of past and new works, installations and works in progress, the exhibition navigates creating in times of challenge; environmental and human destruction; questioning of societal viewpoints; work/life balance; symbols of protection, rituals, and adornment.


This exhibition is an INDIAN OCEAN CRAFT TRIENNIAL festival event



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